Warranty conditions iQ Grills

1. Warranty

1.1 Lifetime Warranty
An iQ Grill comes with a lifetime warranty on the material and construction of the ceramic dome, ceramic lid, fire basket and inner ring. All other ceramic, metal and wooden parts are excluded from this warranty. Lifetime warranty is understood to mean a warranty for the lifetime of the iQ Grill, which is 25 years. The warranty period starts from the moment of purchase.
You receive a 20-year warranty on the ceramic dome and base. Ceramic is a natural product, which means that each iQ Grill is unique and therefore there are variations in its color and structure. If this is replaced, the colour, structure and/or texture may deviate, no rights can be derived from this. The warranty expressly does not imply that a dome or base of an identical color, structure or texture will be provided upon replacement.

1.2 Warranty on other ceramic parts
The ceramic heating plate and ceramic pizza/grill stones from the iQ Grill are guaranteed for 2 years. The warranty period starts from the moment of purchase.

1.3 Warranty on metal parts
The iQ Grill's metal, stainless steel and cast iron parts (such as metal straps, hinge mechanism, metal lid, grille and ventilation) are guaranteed for 5 years. The warranty period starts from the moment of purchase.

1.4 Warranty on wooden parts
Wooden items of the iQ Grill, such as side tables, have a warranty of 1 year.

1.5 Warranty on the temperature gauge and gasket.
The temperature gauge has a 1 year warranty. The fiberglass gasket has a warranty of 6 months. The warranty period starts from the moment of purchase.

1.6 Applicability
The warranty provided in these warranty conditions under 1.1 to 1.5 inclusive applies to (parts of) the iQ Grills 21 inch that were delivered from 01-01-2021. This warranty is in addition to, and does not a
ffect, any statutory rights.

2. Miscellaneous

Accessories from iQ Grills have a warranty of 2 years, unless it concerns consumables whose lifespan is reasonably shorter than described above. The warranty period starts from the moment of purchase.
Consumables such as charcoal and smoking wood are not guaranteed.

3. What's Not Covered

3.1 Improper use
The warranty as provided in these warranty conditions is based on normal and reasonable domestic use by iQ Grills, whereby regular and correct maintenance is performed, such as cleaning after use, winterizing and regular replacement of the felt gasket. In addition to the provisions of articles 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5, warranty (additional or unforeseen) damage caused by transport, falling, incorrect assembly, incorrect support, support by means other than a base approved by iQ Grills or solid, non-combustible surface under base, commercial use, non- domestic use, alteration, negligence, abuse, improper care, overdue and/or inadequate maintenance, normal and reasonable wear and tear.
The fiberglass gasket that provides a seal between the ceramic cover and the ceramic dome should be replaced when it shows normal wear and tear. Late replacement can damage the iQ Grill. Damage to the ceramic cover or ceramic dome that may result from late replacement of the fiberglass gasket is excluded from the warranty.
Normal weathering or cracks in wooden or bamboo parts are excluded from the warranty unless the intrinsic function of use is lost.
Damage resulting from the use of lighter fluid or any flammable mixture in the iQ Grill is excluded from the warranty. This is a dangerous practice and can lead to damage and/or serious injury. iQ

Grills expressly disclaims any liability for direct, indirect, additional or consequential damage arising from this.

3.2 Infestation
iQ Grills makes every e
ffort to use rust-resistant materials and lacquers on metal surfaces that can withstand high temperatures. However, metallic materials and protective coatings may be affected by surface scratches or exposure to substances and conditions beyond iQ Grill's control. Exposure to chlorine, industrial fumes, chemicals, fertilizers, humidity, lawn pesticides and salt, among others, can affect the paint and finish on metal coatings. This also includes extreme use, such as use near the sea. Deterioration of metal, stainless steel and cast iron parts due to rust, oxidation, fading or other imperfections are not covered by the warranty unless this attack leads to permanent defect of these parts.

3.3 Retain functionality
The warranty cannot be invoked for any damage that does not a
ffect the functionality of the iQ Grill, such as scratches, dents, chips, hairline cracks, the appearance of small cosmetic cracks in the outer glaze layer, resulting color differences and other purely cosmetic damage. If this occurs, it is excluded from the warranty.

3.4 Substrate
The iQ Grill should only be placed on a metal base or a built-in table from iQ Grills or on another su
fficiently fireproof solid barrier such as a 5 cm thick concrete tile. Damage resulting from non- standard use is excluded from the warranty. Any liability as a result of incorrect use, including liability for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage, is expressly rejected by iQ Grills.

3.5 Making changes
Damage as a result of making changes to (internal and external parts of) the iQ Grill, including drilling holes or adjusting parts, the use of parts in the iQ Grill other than those originally purchased from iQ Grills, and/or the use parts other than as intended by the manufacturer is excluded from the warranty.
iQ Grills expressly disclaims any liability for direct, indirect, additional or consequential damage arising from this.

4. Registration Condition for Warranty and Information Required for Warranty Claim

The warranty as described in these warranty terms and conditions accrues only to the original purchaser or transferee and can only be invoked if registered. Registration by the original purchaser or transferee is possible via the website A valid proof of purchase is required for registration. A debit card transaction is not a valid proof of purchase.

In order to qualify for a warranty claim, any warranty claim must be accompanied by a sales receipt showing the date of purchase and the name of the authorized dealer from whom you purchased the iQ Grill or any other product, as well as an accurate description of the problem or issue. the defective part. The original purchaser is the person whose name appears on the purchase receipt and who has registered the warranty. In case of doubt, iQ Grills is entitled to request proof of identity.

The warranty is non-transferable and will lapse upon disposal of the iQ Grill by the original purchaser.

5. Warrantee

The warranty as described in these warranty conditions is only provided to, and therefore can only be invoked by, the original purchaser who purchased the product directly from an authorized dealer.
Excluded from the warranty are buyers and/or acquirers who qualify as commercial and/or intensive users such as restaurateurs, caterers, butchers, food trucks, canteens, etc.

6. Start date of cover

The warranty coverage as provided in these warranty conditions begins on the date of purchase and must be proven by the customer by means of an original purchase receipt.

7. Warranty Coverage

Original iQ Grills parts found to be defective in material and workmanship and covered by a valid and registered warranty will be replaced or repaired, at iQ Grills's option, free of charge for the warranted item or part, subject to the terms and conditions of iQ Grills. this warranty.

8. Warranty Claim Procedure

For warranty support, please contact iQ Grills.

9. Shipping and Delivery

iQ Grills is not liable for shipping, ordering, labor or packaging costs, export/import duties, VAT or other taxes levied as a result of a warranty claim, service, repair or return, unless approved in writing by iQ Grills.

10. Delayed or Non-Compliance

iQ Grills shall not be liable for any delay or breach of warranty resulting from any event or unforeseen circumstance beyond iQ Grills's control, such as, but not limited to, force majeure, war, government restrictions or impediments. , strikes, fire, flood, transportation delays, or reduced material inventory.

11. iQ Grill's Obligations

By repairing or replacing parts in the manner and during the period of time as stipulated herein, all obligations under the warranty and/or any direct and/or derivative liabilities of iQ Grills are met. A buyer's exclusive remedy for any breach of this warranty or any other implied warranty is limited as indicated herein to replacement or repair of the part shipped to buyer at buyer's expense.

12. Limitations

To the maximum extent permitted by law, all warranties, express or implied by law, including implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, do not extend beyond this warranty. Liability for incidental, special and consequential damages is excluded.

13. Titles

The titles used in this warranty are for convenience only, and do not alter the terms of the warranty.

14. German law

The present warranty conditions are exclusively governed by German law. In the event of a dispute, the Osnabruck court has exclusive jurisdiction.

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